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Michael C. from Martinsburg, WV writes:
I used your Hawaiian Dave's BBQ marinade as a mop sauce for my pulled pork and it was HUGE hit!
Richard O. from Durham, NC writes:
I had the Original Teriyaki, and Volcano flavored Jerky, and I can't decide which I liked better. They both have excellent texture, and flavor. No stringy jerky whatsoever. I love the spice in the Volcano flavor. It was perfectly balanced to give you the fire, but still had all the flavor. Dave's methods make it sound easy, but his precision is what really makes the quality of his Jerky a step above the rest.
Thanks Dave!
Melissa H from Wake Forest, NC writes:
I used Hawaiian Dave's marinade in place of Worcestershire sauce in my hamburger recipe. Those were the Best tasting hamburgers I've ever had!! The beef jerky is really good. Whenever I buy some, it never makes it home for my husband to try. Next time I will need to buy 2 so my husband can try it.
Jaime J from Wake Forest, NC writes:
My name is Jaime. I do not like plain foods without flavors. Over the years I have enjoyed snacks especially Beef Jerky. When I tried Hawaiian Dave's Gourmet Teriyaki Beef Jerky, I was hooked. BBQ, Original, Sweet and Sour and Volcano are all equally delicious. Full of flavor and the quality of the beef is fantastic. I encourage everyone to try them. You will be hooked like me. What a treat!
Matthew B from Durham, NC writes:
"Hawaiian Dave's jerky is my go-to stocking stuffer every Christmas! Quality-wise, it's a notch above the usual brands at the grocery store, and makes an extra tasty gift."
Luke M. from Raleigh, NC writes:
I met Dave at an event and he had some of his product with him. I had met him before and was sold on the quality and flavor of his beef jerky products. He shared he has expanded into selling his marinade sauces and based on his jerky flavor, I had to try it. I bought the Sweet Marinade and had some chicken breast in mind. I started the marinade in the morning, thinking there was enough time between now and dinner to get the flavor in. That night we had a schedule conflict and I had to leave the chicken marinating another 24 hours. 36 hours was excessive, but I figured it wouldn't hurt. I decided to slice the meat into stripes to see how far the marinade penetrated. It went completely through. I also decided to bread and fry it up the way the kids liked it. It was a big hit! I did not say anything, but I began to receive statements and compliments from all. I had to agree! It was sweet and crispy and sooooo good! There were no left overs that night. Thanks Dave! I can't wait to try the Volcano Marinade next!

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